"I have never had a book on my mind like this one. It felt very real to me as if I were going through all the ordeals along with the Barons. The story is told from the wife's viewpoint it had special meaning to me as I have had a loved one battle cancer. Scripted in Heaven left me feeling inspired, and spiritually elevated and I highly recommend this book!"
-Goodreads, Abigail Van nuys

"An interesting read, of a woman's Journey and How she (The Author) rose from it all...Her devotion to Padre Pio is enigmatic."
-Goodreads, Maria Osit-Li

"Scripted in Heaven is a story about the metaphysical healing journey of Dr. Baron, a surgeon who ignores a warning about his health and subsequently is involved in a freak accident during one of his surgeries. Between all of this is woven difficulties at home with his family and spiritual messages throughout. Told from his wife's point of view, the story continues to reveal Baron's cancer diagnosis and the torture she endures. Robin decides he must make a pilgrimage to solve the spiritual mystery surrounding his illness. I can honestly say I've never read a book like this before. The feelings in it are as real as can be, and you are tortured right along with Baron and his family, and subsequently your curiosity is aroused and you are uplifted by the strange remainder of his journey. The spiritual pilgrimage they undergo is both miraculous and instructive. A truly unique
-Goodreads, S G

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